You give idea,We make products
we are ULATECH

We are an independent web development company, An enthusiastic team who create beautiful web and mobile applications.
We are located in Singapore and Vietnam. We take client servicing very seriously by always keeping in touch and making sure our products meet their expectations.
We give our best efforts to optimize and enhance the business growth and benefits your business.
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Back-End Development

Ulatech issues end to end mobile solutions design and development: Mobile Client Development, Server / Back-end Development and Cloud Deployment.

Front-End Development

We ensure excellent customer interaction, by making use of advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end web development.. Our designs are suitable for multiple screen resolutions while maintaining relevant designs.

Mobile App Development

We work with all the popular platforms including iOS and Android creating radiant and clean app builds.

Hire a Developer

Our developers are amongst the best developers in the world, If you wish to have a developer work exclusively for your custom web&app development for a particular period of time.

Ulatech TEAM

We are a Great Team !!!

Ulatech has a number of people who are continuously learning, working, creating and researching to find the best solution for customers. Ulatech is an advisory and development IT group in Singapore and Vietnam.

Our team consists many experienced members in the consultancy sector as well as offer development solution. Furthermore, with a number of members who have a rich variety of experience in programming, website solutions, Application on mobile, database and especially in customer research.
Ulatech's direction is to develop a group of elite members, to discuss and communicate and to provide optimal solutions in the work of creating products. We are the bridge between users with users, users with customers, customers with customers.
Our team are continually growing and rapidly developing.

Why Ulatech?


All our app clones are “Turnkey” solutions. It really is a venture-in-a-box with a powerful admin dashboard, iOS and Android apps for your customers and service providers.


Once you give us your Logo, we shall launch your apps for you, under your own white-labelled brand within hours. Buy our pre made apps to market in less than a week.


Our server app source code that comes with the purchase can easily scale up to a million users, making it perfect for entrepreneurs to get fast traction and raise funds.

Blockchain Development


In Blockchain technology, there are no final decision makers but the community verifies itself. Every time the changes are made, connected members of the network make an update independently and every node in the network arrives at a conclusion. As a result, the record that receives most popularity becomes the permanent verifiable official record as opposed to a conventional master copy which may be vulnerable to corruption. MORE DETAL...

What Is Cryptocurrency - ?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or the virtual currency which uses cryptography for safety. This is the absolute positive side of cryptocurrency. Having no centralised asset manager/authority, its endurance to government invasions and its organic nature are arguably its most appealing nature.

Hire a Blockchain Developer

We have advanced Blockchain developers in our set. Hire them and build your own decentralised Blockchain application and wallet.



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